Andy Murray Ready To Go in Australian Open 2009

11 Jan 2009 by Hiland in Andy Murray

Scotsman Andy Murray has declared himself fit and ready to bring his dynamic game to the 2009 Australian Open. On January 10, 2009, Murray shrugged off his nagging back injury and proved himself fit for the year’s first Grand Slam Tennis Tournament. Bookmakers and fans alike celebrated the announcement by installing the world’s number 1 […]

The Andy Murray Debate….

30 Oct 2008 by Dan Brown in Andy Murray

I suppose its natural for a country that hasn’t had a tennis player who has won 4 titles in one year, and to have a young man who is regarded as the hottest player on tour, for the talk to be concentrated on Andy Murray’s potential. The odds on him winning a Grand Slam title […]

Rule Britannia….. Andy is coming!

11 Oct 2008 by Dan Brown in Andy Murray

Not since King James 1st. of Scotland became King James 6th. of England back in the dark ages, has one person done as much to unite England and Scotland, as Andy Murray. Even the staunchest wavers of the flag of St. George are bending their stiff snooty traditions to greet Andy as ‘one of ours’. […]